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Unlock Your True Musical Potential 

The Complete Samurai Guitar Experience is designed to build your guitar skills in every area.

This is the system I use every day when I make music, taught from the ground up.

You learn how music works and how this information applies to guitar players, along with the methodology for unlocking the fretboard through my courses, The Rudiments and Beyond the Basics.

In The Craft of Soloing, we look at musical storytelling and how to make your solo sound like an engaging, artistic expression, not just a bunch of notes thrown together.

Through The Style of Soling, you will learn the elements and techniques you need to add style to your solos and how to make your solos pop.

Pentatonic Mastery will take you on a deep dive into everybody’s favorite, five-note scale, and Elevated Open Chords will unlock a whole world of new and beautiful chord possibilities.

These courses will provide you with new tools help you discover sounds you never thought were possible and take your guitar playing up to the next level and ultimately unlocking the true musical potential within. 

The Complete Samurai Guitar Experience is only available to purchase for a limited time, so don't miss out!

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